light electric vehicle
design and production partner

Our promise

12 weeks

In 12 weeks we will design your e-bike and build a prototype.

24-36 weeks

Within the next 24-36 weeks we will produce the first batch of your e-bike.
We call it the blitzdesign TM which is a:



uber efficient process

of designing, engineering and
prototyping e-bikes and e-scooters
In 12 weeks we will:

    Create BOM

First, we will start off by creating a provisional BoM for your product and a product brief to understand your objectives.

    Design geometry

Then, we will proceed to designing the right geometry for your product.

    Design frame

Once the geometry is completed, we will create a provisional 3D model of your frame and render it to confirm all assumptions.

    3D model it​

Subsequently, we will complete all 3D modelling and mechanical engineering of your product and individual components to understand and plan production process.

    Perform FEA

A completed 3D model of your frame, will be used to perform an FEA analysis to ensure the frame will pass necessary product testing.

    Print It

Once we are sure the frame is completed, we will 3D print it to validate if all key components, such as the battery, the motor etc. fit the design.

    Build it

Once the final design of your frame has been approved, we will build a sample of the frame and build the very first unit of your product for validation.

    Ship it

A completed sample will be delivered to your door for you to test it and sign off for serial production!

Then in 24-36 weeks

    Produce tooling

Depending on the selected manufacturing methods of your frame components, we will arrange for appropriate tooling to be produced.

    Order raw material

Once the tooling is approved, we will order the first batch of raw materials to produce your frame components.

    Produce your frames

Upon arrival of all raw materials, we will prepare them for frame production and build the very first batch of your frames.

    Paint them

Depending on your choice, we can both powder coat and wet paint your frames as well as order necessary decals.

    Assemble final product

Once the frames are produced, tested and painted, we will assemble complete products, using other BoM items of your choosing.

    Perform QC

All bikes made by us are subject to a QC process to ensure your clients will love the products!

    Deliver to you

All ready? Great! Let's deliver the bikes to your clients!


This is who we are

of desingning, engineering and
prototyping e-bikes and e-scooters

This is where we are

of designing, engineering and prototyping e-bikes
and e-scooters
Frame 44

We’re located in the south-east part of Poland, famous for high-end aluminium processing, reliable supply chain and skilled staff.

Frame 444
We’re based in two manufacturing halls, offering metal processing, powder coating, R&D and final assembly facilities.
Frame 44

Our team has designed and built and sourced components for thousands of e-bikes of all sorts.


Here is a few projects we did:

of designing, engineering and prototyping e-bikes and e-scooters